Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lake Havasu

We took a short weekend trip to Lake Havasu. The kids were most excited to ride on an airplane!

At the airport

On the plane

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful desert sunrise. The kids were ready to go out on the lake!

They were excited to try tubing. The both loved it!

Here they are tubing with face masks to help with the water spraying in their eyes

We cruised around the lake and the kids loved riding in the boat

We found a beach where we could set up camp for the day and Josie got her own little pool where she could play

There were tons of tiny fish at the beach so the kids had fun snorkeling around. 

I was even able to catch two fish and put them in the pool with Josie. You can see one of the tiny fish in the top right of this picture. Josie loved having the fish in the pool with her!

The kids loved the water! Josie couldn't get enough of playing in the lake

And floating on her back

Here is a group picture at lunchtime

Luke on a water chair

After lunch we headed out for some more cruising. Luke was able to water ski

Josie fell right to sleep with the sound of the boat. 

We went over to a jumping rock with the kids. Lily and Jack started off this small rock

And then Jack moved up to this medium sized rock

And they got to do more tubing

At the end of the day they had fun playing in Josie's baby pool. 

That night we had dinner near the London Bridge. Josie was afraid of Uncle Jeff so each night he would feed her ice cream and she would slowly move a little closer to him. 

Here we are with the London Bridge in the background

*as a funny side note, all during dinner Josie kept asking to go see the water. I would show her the water but she really wanted to go play in the water. When we walked back to the car she was crying for water. So we walked her over to the river and let her put her feet in. She was so happy! But then we had to head back home and she started crying "more water!" She just loves the water. 

Sunday morning the kids were ready for another day on the lake. They had fun playing inside the boat
And eating cheese-its

We found another beach to make camp for the day. And there were bigger fish at this beach that we spent all day trying to catch (no luck). There were also lizards and Jack caught one and was really surprised when the tail came off in his hand. 

We went back to the jumping rock and started at the medium sized rock

And then moved up to the big jumping rock. Luke and I went first

And then we convinced Jack to come up with us. He is one brave little boy!

And a cutie too!

Here is Jack going off the big jumping rock for the first time. If you can watch his face, it is classic!

Here are Luke and Jack jumping together

Lily enjoyed sunning herself on the front of the boat

And Josie liked playing with this flag

That night we went to In and Out for dinner

Followed by ice cream for dessert! These kids are so spoiled

Monday morning we had to wake up super early for our flight home. The kids were wired on this flight and all through the airport. They were running around crazy! But finally once we got everyone into the car for the drive home, they were all asleep within 5 minutes. 
It was a great trip! 

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