Monday, June 20, 2016

Elitch Gardens

For Jack's birthday we took him to Elitch Gardens. For breakfast he wanted donuts AND breakfast burritos. He is a growing boy!

Jack was thrilled that he was finally tall enough to go on the fun rides. Luke stayed behind with the girls and Jack and I spent all morning going on the fun roller coasters
 It was so much fun!!!

 Then we met up with Jack's buddy for some rides. He didn't look too impressed
Lily on the other hand was a little terrified by the kids roller coaster
 Mostly Lily and Josie stuck to the kiddie rides
I taught Josie how to hold her hands up for the rides. At first she was a little cautious, but by the end of the day she was smiling 

Around 2pm a storm rolled in and they had to close the park due to lightning. Jack was so upset

 We tried to console him, but there was no hope. He was devastated.
 We left Elitch's and went to a nearby Brewery for dinner. The kids had fun playing the games
 And we got an ice cream dessert and sang to the birthday boy

We were able to get raincheck tickets to go back to Elitch Gardens another day so finally Jack agreed that going to Elitch's two times is worth having it close down early on your birthday. 

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