Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Grade!

Before school started we had to take the kids for haircuts. I let Jack's hair grow out all summer, and Lily has never had her hair cut so it was time. Here they are before the haircuts:  

Haircut time:

And here they are after:

 Now Jack was ready for 1st grade. He even got his first alarm clock to wake him up at 6:45am each morning. Lily and I were up earlier so we were able to sneak a peak of the alarm clock waking him up for the first time. It was pretty cute and Jack didn't mind being woken up. I hope he follows after his mom and never uses the snooze button! We had bacon and eggs for breakfast, then the kids got ready and I snapped a few shots before we walked right around the corner to Jack's school

 Last year Jack only had 8 kids in his kindergarten class. This year they have combined kindergarten with 1st grade to make a bigger class and he gets to keep his teacher from last year. There are 14 first graders with Jack and then 13 kindergarteners will join the class next week.
 Jack was excited to have some of his friends return to first grade with him. One of his best friends is Rose. They couldn't be cuter together!
After we dropped Jack off it was 8:15am and Lily and I had the whole day with just us two for once. I loaded Lily in the stroller and took her on a 3 mile walk around the park while it was still cool out. Then we went to the library for story time:
 We went out to lunch together:
 We got some shopping done. I have to say that Lily is much easier to shop with than Jack!
 She was able to pick out a cute hat for herself:
Then we met up with Jack after school to have a snack before he went into his taekwondo class. Jack is taking taekwondo twice a week at his school and then he has his music lessons once a week. So he is a pretty busy little boy. After taekwondo we finally went home together and the kids spent all afternoon filling up water balloons and then throwing them at each other. 

By 7pm Jack was exhausted and we started the earlier bedtime routine for the school year. Kids were asleep by 8pm and Luke and I had the quiet house to ourselves. I will enjoy it while I can since any day now we will have another little addition interrupting any quiet time we may get. 

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