Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adventures in first grade

First grade has been a fun ride. I absolutely love Jack's french class. We have several native speaking French parents and even a Swiss parent in Jack's class. It has been great to hear people speaking French again. It is motivating me to start studying again. 

Jack has also developed a huge crush on a girl in his class. Her name is Elise and she is 7 months older than Jack. One day Jack decided to do some coloring/writing and this is what I came outside to: 

It says "I have a girlfriend Elise. I love my girlfriend.
I like to play with my girlfriend Elise. 
And then look what I found on the homework page his teacher sent home. Notice the hearts and the drawings and the "I love Elise" at the bottom! I didn't think this happened until at least high school.

Jack's first grade picture

Outside of school we have been having fun with the kids in Jack's class. One day we went to a new jumping place with some friends:

Another day we had several families from his class over to our house. The kids had a blast lighting off sparklers and playing the wii dancing game

Jack is practicing his writing a lot this year. I love seeing his notes. Here is one he wrote to his teacher after he broke a class puzzle and had to replace it.
Dear Mme G, Sorry that I broke your puzzle. Here is
another puzzle for our class. Sincerely, Jack
Twice a week Jack goes to karate after school. Here is a video of him breaking his first board. 

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