Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time with Lily and Josie

Now that Jack is in school all day, Lily finally gets time to do fun things for just her. She gets to have her own play dates: 

And she loves to go shopping:
She is also in gymnastics:

And once a week we go to princess story time at a local cupcake store
She gets to go on outings with her friends:

And even gets some outings with Daddy
Josie tags along with us everywhere. She is such a happy/easy baby!
Lily loves her sister!

Josie is getting so big now. But she is definitely smaller than her siblings at this age. At 2 months she is just 10lbs. A tiny little peanut.

But she is cute as a doll

She is learning to suck her thumb
And giggle

Here is a video of Lily singing to Josie and Josie smiles at the end of the video

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